2014 Volunteer Kick Off Event – Video Page

If you missed our 2014 Volunteer Kick Off event for Ragan’s HOPE – here are the videos so you can STAY INFORMED about what will be happening throughout the year and how YOU and YOUR FAMILY can BE THE HOPE to your community and beyond!

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Video 1 Agenda:

  • Opening – Stacy Penland
  • Prayer – Dan Watson
  • Introduction of Executive Team, Organizational Chart, Last Year’s Results – Delena Stuart-Watson
  • Speaker: 10 Steps to SHINE BRIGHTER in your life, your community and the world, so you can BE THE HOPE people need – Jennifer Jodziewicz. CLICK HERE to print off the NOTES HANDOUT to follow along with the speaker.

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Video 2 Agenda:

  • Individual Activity – Word Find Puzzle. CLICK HERE to download this Word Find puzzle and join in the fun!
  • A Review of All the Volunteer Positions available and places to serve for you and your children through Ragan’s HOPE. CLICK HERE to download the handout to follow along – Stacy Penland.
  • An Explanation of how Ragan’s HOPE is developing our local and national teams to better serve each community – Delena Stuart-Watson.
  • Fundraising – what’s in store for this year and how YOU play a BIG part – Jason Penland.
  • Budget Increase for this upcoming year – Delena Stuart-Watson

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Video 3 Agenda:

  • Partnerships: New partners we are looking to join forces with this year, and how you can be on the lookout for other businesses and organizations Ragan’s HOPE can partner with for both the benefit of our families, as well as the sponsoring partner.
  • Night of Superstars: The history of Night of Superstars, How it became a premier Ragan’s HOPE Event, and what’s in store for this upcoming year – Greg Johnson.
  • Calendar of Events: Note that all events are “IN PENCIL” for this upcoming year and subject to change – Delena Stuart-Watson.
  • Group Activity – How can YOU help spread awareness of Ragan’s HOPE throughout your community as you interact with others during your day-to-day activities? Listen in for insight into how YOU can be more proactive in connecting others to Ragan’s HOPE.
  • Closing Prayer – Jason Penland.