A Ragan’s HOPE family gets a special visit!

There are many inspirational people in this world who selflessly give of themselves, share their life’s experience, and offer hope to others. This is the principle on which Ragan’s HOPE was founded. We have recently had the chance to meet a man who has also founded his life on this same principle—Nick Vujicic. If you have not yet heard of this man, we encourage you to visit his website Life Without Limbs, and you will no doubt be inspired.

Nick was born with no arms and no legs. Thankfully, he was born into a supportive family. His testimony is full of circumstances, emotions and enormous challenges that you would expect, including wishing for his own death at the young age of eight. He persevered, and has become an internationally known speaker who has encouraged millions through his inspiring message of hope.

Last weekend, on 8/6, Nick paid a special visit to Whitney, a beautiful young girl that Ragan’s HOPE has been supporting since she contracted a virus that made it a necessity to amputate her arms and legs at the age of 18.

A faithful and dedicated volunteer of Ragan’s HOPE made the connection with Nick Vujicic’s organization, telling them Whitney’s story. Soon after, Delena Stuart, founder of Ragan’s HOPE got a phone call saying that Nick would like to personally meet with Whitney, and Delena went right to work in getting the meeting set.

This was not a media event. Nick came into Whitney’s home and spent time with her, getting to know her, her challenges, her needs, and her heart and gave her much advice and encouragement. He also spent time with Whitney’s mother, encouraging her, and offering advice on some different ways she could assist Whitney in her newfound circumstances.

We are so thankful for Ragan’s HOPE volunteers who pray and offer their own encouragement as they help support the families of Ragan’s HOPE who have a child with medical needs. We are also thankful for Nick Vujicic, his genuine compassion for others, and the care that he takes in sharing his life for the sole purpose of inspiring and offering hope to others.

Please continue to lift up Whitney and the other families of Ragan’s HOPE in prayer, and for God to continue blessing Nick and his organization as he continues to spread his inspirational message around the world.

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