Back to School Tips, Kids 4 Kids, and more…

As summer begins to come to an end and the kids are getting ready to start school, I am reminded that the window for summer vacations is closing. I know we have some workaholics who need to take off a day or two to rest, recoup, and renew. Many times, workaholics think they are virtually indispensable in the workplace. How about you? You’ll be much more capable to do the best job possible when you are liberated from the burden of thinking everything depends on you. Take off a day or two from work and enjoy!

I would like to challenge you to evaluate what you are doing to give back to your community. Your time away from work is a great opportunity to look at how much you and your family can give to others. Once you are rested and renewed, you will be ready for the fall and the opportunities that are presented to you for serving.

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