Blessings – Sometimes they are disguised

No one, absolutely no one wishes or wants harm to come to their loved ones. But it happens. Our world is full of pain and heartache, and eventually, we are all hit with circumstances that cause us to buckle under the weight.

These burdens of life are especially hard to bear if we don’t reach out and ask for help. That’s where Ragan’s HOPE comes in, but it is hard to offer support when we are not aware of the need. If you or someone you know has a child who is experiencing medical challenges, please contact us. This is why we are here. Ragan’s HOPE offers a wide range of support for families in this type circumstance.

One of the ways we offer support, is through prayer. On April 29th, we are having a time of prayer, and I ask you to visit this Facebook Event Page. If you are unable to come, but will commit to pray no matter where you are at 2:00 on April 29th, please select ‘Maybe’ on this Event Invite. You do have the power to give hope to others, so please repost this event on your page and help spread the word.

During this time of prayer, we will also be giving God praise and thanks for everything He has done, and is doing in Ragan’s HOPE, those who serve, and those we serving now. No matter what is going on in your life, find time to communicate with God, to give thanks, and to lift the needs of others up in prayer.

In closing, I just wanted to share this song with you, that has touched my heart, and the heart of many we support through Ragan’s HOPE. Take a moment to clear your mind, and listen to these words. It’s worth the time to remember that sometimes, blessings come in disguise.

Serving Him,
Delena Stuart-Watson

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