As an organization that ministers to caregivers and families who have a child with a catastrophic illness or injury, we are made aware of many needs. With the awareness of these needs, we have the opportunity to bring HOPE into the lives of others like no other ministry can.

However, with each family we support, Ragan’s HOPE needs to be provided with the resources to meet those needs. As our organization grows and word spreads about what we are able to do to help families, there are other organizations that see the benefit we provide for the community and they have offered us their support through programs that help raise funds and even further awareness of our mission and cause.

We are just BUSTING at the SEAMS with GREAT NEWS regarding several organizations that have stepped up to help provide Ragan’s HOPE with the resources we need, so we can continue to make an impact in the lives of others.

Here is a brief update on what’s been happening:

Baylor University has now partnered with Ragan’s HOPE! Click here to read the full article in the Baylor Lariat.

We received our first donation from Stream Energy! Be sure to check their rates, as they have proven over and over again to have the lowest rate in the area. Click here for the Stream Energy Page supporting Ragan’s HOPE!

Ragan’s HOPE en español! Thank you Telemundo, for helping us reach even more communities! Click here to view the article and online clip.

We are developing Ragan’s HOPE Volunteer Teams all over Texas AND the United States! If you know of someone in Abilene, Austin, St. Louis, or Little Rock who would be interested in learning more about Ragan’s HOPE and volunteer opportunities, we have families in those areas that need local support. Please contact us with their information, and we’ll be glad to fill them in to see if it is a fit!

Please check back often for updates – we look forward to more great news to come!

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