Choices and the end result

Ragan's HOPE, non-profit, children with illness or injury, family assistanceMany of us don’t even notice the hundreds of decisions we make each day. Are you truly aware of your individual influence and power? Think about the kinds of decisions you are making; then take it a step further to think about what these decisions say about you and who they are affecting. We all have choices to make, and those choices, whether we realize it or not, represent our priorities.

For instance, when you go to the grocery store, you are making a choice about the type of nutrition that will go into not only your body, but also into each family member and others who share your household (and pantry). The food that ends up in your cart will also ultimately determine the health of you and your family. Thinking about the end result of those ‘grocery store’ decisions gives greater significance to those choices. I know for this new year, I am committed to making sure we are healthier, and better choices will hopefully exemplify our priority of eating healthful meals.

When we shop for a new outfit, or take our children shopping for new seasonal clothes, the decisions we make here are also important. It’s not just about style, fashion, bargains, and what everybody else is wearing. We need to understand that the clothes we wear, and what we allow our children to wear, reveal the standards for modesty in our household. If modesty is a family value (and we hope it is), then it needs to be represented in what we wear.

Our decisions reflect our priorities and what we truly value. Our actions and the decisions we make will scream more loudly than anything we would say otherwise. So what it is we are really sharing with the world?

We all can be a beacon of light to others. We can encourage, give HOPE, pray, volunteer, donate, share, cook, visit, and so much more! Everything we do to help and serve others increases our light in the world. However, we all need to be mindful of those things that can rob us, even just a little, of our light – like not thinking about the end result of the choices we are currently making.

Take some time today to embrace your power and the influence you have on not just your life, but also on the lives of those who depend on you.

Remember, whatever you do, whether big or small, it is significant to someone!

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