Creative Giving with a SMILE – make it PRIME for even more benefits!


Do you know about and the amazing ways they help non-profits like Ragan’s HOPE? It’s the SAME, except a portion of your purchase (which is the SAME purchase price you would find on will be donated to Ragan’s HOPE!!

There’s also an AMAZING SALE DAY coming up on July 15th (24-hours only) for Amazon PRIME members. Members can STILL benefit and donate to charities through the Amazon Smile program linked above if they are a Prime Member! Go to for more information about Amazon Prime and their special 24-hour sale for members.

Amazon Prime DayFor even more time-and-dollar-saver benefits, if you live close to a distribution center – like the DFW area – you can now get items straight to your door WITHIN HOURS, the SAME DAY if needed – it’s amazing! For AmazonPrime members, they also offer great shipping prices – FREE TWO-DAY SHIPPING, and more! We have some volunteers who get all their home goods like paper towels, bathroom tissue, cleaning supplies, and more delivered to their home and they say it’s cheaper than the the big-box stores!

Don’t want to pay the small yearly fee to become an AmazonPrime member? NO PROBLEM – they are also offering a 30-day free trial of Prime for new members. You still get access to all the great deals for this 24 hour period on July 15th – and then you can cancel your trial.

We also have a Ragan’s HOPE Wish-List on Since we are a NATIONWIDE charity, you can purchase anything on the wish-list and it is sent right to us, and you never have to leave your desk!

We are so thankful for all the ways corporations help us serve our families, and how they help our volunteers and supporters give back so we can continue to Help Other Parents Endure and Embrace the Future!

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