Executive Leadership Meets

The Executive Leadership of Ragan’s HOPE Foundation met Saturday, January 20, 2018, to discuss plans for the new year.  We will once again begin seeking to form new partnerships and focus on our existing partners to meet the needs of families.

Some of the items discussed were:

  • Increase partnerships, donors and sponsorships
  • Increase awareness through advertisement, events and networking with various organizations
  • Revamping our website to provide better visibility of our activities and opportunities to donate and serve
  • Actively recruiting new volunteers to assist families and work within the organization
  • Focus on the DFW metroplex area to strengthen partnerships with hospitals and local organizations
  • Fundraising events / grants

We are looking forward to making 2018 a stellar year in growth, activity and service.  You can be a part of this effort by making a decision to volunteer your time and service as needed.   Come join us!

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