Getting Creative with HOPE

Anticipation. You’ve had your second interview for the job of your dreams and they said they’d be calling today. You’re waiting on a bid to be accepted for that house on the corner you’ve imagined you and your family in for years. The investors have had your business plan for a week, deciding whether or not they feel your plan is a solid investment. The anticipation, the waiting, can be overwhelming.

But none of that compares to waiting for that call to let you know whether or not your child is going to be ok. Until that moment comes, the job, the house, the dreams – they’re all put on hold until you know.

Ragan’s HOPE helps parents endure those moments of waiting, helping parents push through those moments of uncertainty, of not knowing if or when their child is going to come home from the hospital.

To continue the ability of giving hope to families when they need it most, Ragan’s HOPE constantly looks for ways that others can get involved, to contribute, to give, to pray, to offer that hope to others from people who understand because they have been there.

We understand that life is chaotic for most of us these days. The demand on our time and our resources is incredible. Creative Contributions is a way you can give back to your community without any additional stress or strain on your time or your financial resources.

Creative Contributions utilizes the benefits and charitable programs offered by national companies that you possibly use every day, and when you do, Ragan’s HOPE gets a percentage of whatever you have spent. Tom Thumb, Stream Energy, and Scentsy are all confirmed contributors that provide a percentage of your purchase to Ragan’s HOPE.

To learn more, please go to our Giving page, and click on the Creative Contributions link to learn how a percentage of your purchases can go to give HOPE, and help other parents endure the anxiety, anticipation and uncertainties that sometimes come. You can help spread hope throughout Texas, and beyond!

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