Giving someone HOPE is as easy as saying our name!

Ragan, the Namesake for Ragan's HOPE is on the cover of Community News!Raising community awareness is a crucial step in the mission of Ragan’s HOPE. There are so many needs in the lives of parents who have a child with medical issues, but many are unaware of the support that Ragan’s HOPE can provide.

This type of support is for any parent in need of emotional, spiritual and personal support as well as encouragement and assistance with how to manage life in a new way as they learn how to care for the medical needs of their child.

We are thankful for the videos and recent news article that was in the Dallas Morning News Community Paper for Irving | Coppell, which you can read here. We look forward to continuing our efforts here and beyond, in giving parents the hope they need to endure as they care for their child either at the hospital or at home.

Please keep Ragan’s HOPE in mind as you go about your daily routines. If you see an opportunity to raise awareness for Ragan’s HOPE, please do so. You can contact us for a family you know through the ‘Submit Request’ page, or feel free to give out our website address and contact information. Whether you know of someone who needs our support, or someone who may be in the media and would like to join our efforts in making sure the community knows of this incredible resource, we would appreciate your help in spreading the word.

May this year be full of hope for you and your family!

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