God provides for his people through his people

non-profit badgeToday, for Testimony Tuesday, we wanted to share a story from one of our awesome volunteers out of Louisiana:

“I have to share this God moment! Randy and I have been working for a couple of weeks to find a crib for one of our families so they have something when they come home from the hospital. It is has been a journey and we working with a home for unwed teenage mothers. They had an extra crib in storage (used) and left it out for one of us to pick up over the weekend, but sadly due to the rain, the crib was ruined. When we call to let them know, they tell us they are now donating a BRAND NEW crib because of the generosity of donations they have received! When Randy picks up the crib, he will share more about Ragan’s Hope with them so that maybe we can help each other out in the future! God is so awesome!”

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