Holiday statistics, RSVP, and Listen for Charity results!

2013 Ragan's HOPE OrnamentWe all work hard at staying cheery for the holidays. We surround ourselves with the sights, smells and sounds of our favorite festivities, allow ourselves a few extra baked goods here and there, and talk of Christmas gatherings, family, gifts and feasts. For many, all that is probably expected, or maybe even for some, taken for granted.

Often overlook are the people unable to tap into the holiday cheer, because instead of trips to the mall and holiday parties, they’re struggling between work, going to the hospital to take care of a child undergoing treatment or diagnostic testing, and trying to take care of other family members still at home.

There are also those who may be grieving, who may be alone for the first time, or have a broken heart remembering how it used to be before their family was introduced to a child’s catastrophic illness or injury, which has now changed everything in their life.

The Children’s Miracle Network (CMN) is a part of 170 hospitals all across the United States, many of which treat children being supported by Ragan’s HOPE. CMN reports that for every minute of every day, 62 children enter one of their hospitals for treatment, totaling about 32 million children each year.

CMN also reports that for every ten children you see, one of them will find themselves hospitalized in need of medical assistance or treatment. When this happens, it is not just the child who needs support, but the whole family. Ragan’s HOPE was created to help these families endure, especially during the holidays and year ahead.

Now more than ever, as we expand the reach of Ragan’s HOPE across this nation and beyond, we need your help, so we can continue to help these families. As you can see, the need is great. Please share this information with others and visit our Giving Page and Activities Page to learn how you can help bring hope into the lives of these families during the holidays, to help them endure and embrace the future ahead.

Evite SnapshotIf you are already a Ragan’s HOPE volunteer, we thank you for your service and we honor you. If you are in the Dallas / Fort Worth Area, we invite you to come and join us as we fellowship together and celebrate how God is working through Ragan’s HOPE to reach these families. If you have not already RSVP’d, please click here for the Evite, and let us know you are coming. If you are serving Ragan’s HOPE in another city outside the DFW area, your team leader will be contacting you with your event information. We look forward to seeing you and thanking you personally for your service.

We also want to announce some exciting news about the results of the Listen for Charity contest that went on during November. We actually came in second place, and won a $500 donation, and someone agreed to match that prize, so Ragan’s HOPE will be receiving the full prize amount of $1,000 for the contest!!! Thank you, everyone, for participating and listening to Phil Wallace’s song We Know Angels… and if you are a part of Ragan’s HOPE, you DO know a lot of angels!

In closing, we do have families that need help this year, so please visit our Activities Page and review the Ragan’s HOPE Newsletter for December to find out how you can help.

May you experience God’s peace, comfort, and love as we prepare for Christmas.

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