How are you showing your gratitude this Thanksgiving?

Delivering pumpkins to Baylor, Our Children's HouseThanksgiving is just around the corner! Although we know the holidays can bring a bit of stress to even the most normal of families, the stress factor is compounded greatly when there is a child with medical issues involved.

The additional expenses of holiday traditions can cause a huge financial strain on most any family, but imagine adding that to a growing amount of medical expenses. Providing Thanksgiving dinner is a simple way that you and your family can demonstrate your gratitude to others this season. Help Ragan’s HOPE bring joy and a bit of relief to someone in need.

At this time we have over 40 families who need a Thanksgiving basket. We need your help to make this happen. It is a simple process and something the whole family can take part in together.

To participate, just follow these steps:

  • Simply email Tonia Casper and let her know you would like to adopt a family for Thanksgiving, and she will assign a family to you.
  • You then purchase a laundry basket and fill it with items such as canned food (green beans, yams, corn, peas, etc.) box of instant potatoes, stuffing mix, macaroni and any other nonperishable items you want to include. Last year some people put boxes of pudding or pie fillings with graham cracker crusts or cookie/cake mixes.
  • Ragan’s HOPE will furnish a gift card to the families for the turkey. This will ensure that if you have to leave it on their porch for some reason, we do not have to worry about a turkey not being refrigerated.
  • Call the family and arrange a day to deliver.
  • Make delivery – if you cannot reach them, you can leave it on their porch.
  • Report to Tonia that the delivery has been made.

Last year we had a couple of volunteers that included a favorite Thanksgiving recipe in the basket along with the items to make it. That was a nice touch and those that received them felt special. Be creative – enjoy giving to others and then on Thanksgiving Day share with family members how thankful you are to have had the opportunity to serve someone else.

I also wanted to share with you that Ragan’s HOPE was able to deliver 60 mini pumpkins and 150 small pumpkins in a care package along with markers to Baylor, Our Children’s House, so the young patients there could decorate them! A great big thanks goes to those who made that possible! The picture on this post is of Kathy, one of our volunteers making that delivery.

Please continue your efforts in spreading the word about Ragan’s HOPE, so that we can continue to meet the needs of our community! Happy Thanksgiving!

Serving Him,
Delena Stuart Watson

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