Please welcome a new Ragan’s HOPE Board Member!

Ragan’s HOPE is an organization that strives to be mindful and strategic in how we operate, so the donated time, talents and resources of our volunteer and donor families will have the biggest impact possible in our community, the entire state of Texas, and beyond!

With that in mind, we are proud to introduce you to Martha Bellomy, who will help Ragan’s HOPE broaden our reach within the culturally diverse Dallas / Fort Worth community. Her bilingual abilities and background in marketing and Public Relations will allow Ragan’s HOPE to grow our presence in areas we have not yet been able to reach effectively. You may find out more about Martha by visiting our Foundation / Board Member’s webpage.

The amount of families we support is growing continually, as is our family of volunteers. We ask you to be in prayer as we continue to expand throughout Texas and other major cities in the United States, so that Ragan’s HOPE can be a conduit of encouragement and HOPE to parents who are in need of the services we provide.

We ask also, that you pray to become more aware of the people you come in contact with on a daily basis, who may be hurting, yet silent, because they just don’t know where to turn. If they have a child who is suffering from a catastrophic illness or injury, we ask that you do two things. 1) Tell them about Ragan’s HOPE, and that we were created for the purpose of helping families just like theirs; and 2) let them know that you would like to send their information to Ragan’s HOPE, obtain their information, and submit it to us through our Submit Requests webpage.

You may be the light of HOPE that helps them endure.

Thank you for being a part of our family, and we look forward to updating you soon on more exciting things happening with Ragan’s HOPE!

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