Protect Yourself from the Trap!

We were made for community. However, we all unknowingly can fall into a trap that many stay stuck in for a long time. What happens is that as we deal with the circumstances and heartaches of life, we feel so burdened and overwhelmed, that we isolate ourselves from the very life source we need for healing – other people.

God intended us to be a part of a community on a regular, even daily basis. Community is there for us to give when we can, and receive when we are in need. But as we deal with others, there’s another trap waiting to snare us – the trap of comparing our circumstances to others. Please take some time to watch this incredible message by Tracy Barnes, who can relate more than you know to the circumstances you may be going through. His insight may be just what you need to break free.

Don't fall into the trap of comparing yourself to others

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