Sharpening Pencils and Sharpening Your Mind

back to school 2014With the sounds of pencils being sharpened and the metal clack of 3-ring binders being snapped shut, you know the first day of school is near. When we are young, our formal education is structured for us as we experience life in elementary, middle school, and high-school student.

However, our education doesn’t stop there. We learn new things in many ways. Some by accident through mistakes, mishaps and circumstances that are out of our control, or we learn on purpose by choosing to broaden our mind with classes, books, questions, conversations, and wise counsel.

In reflecting on our back-to school events happening this month, Ragan’s HOPE would like to give thanks to all the teachers out there who dedicate their time to help mold our children into the adults they will become. I also want to encourage those who are out of school, to never stop learning and to take more of an active role in personal growth and development in areas that interest you.

Especially families within Ragan’s HOPE, we know time is not easy to come by. Just find a book or resource you can keep handy, and commit to just five minutes a day. If you don’t yet have an established quite time where you read a verse and spend a few minutes in prayer, start there. Doing so has many benefits.

1. It gives your children a good example to live by.
2. It helps you feel nourished and inspired as it fuels your passion for life.
3. It helps you persevere and stay nourished when life becomes chaotic.

Ragan’s HOPE has several ways you can add this all-important focus on self-development into your life through our Volunteer Training, and Conversations for Caregivers. I encourage you to be on the lookout for those programs this fall.

In the meantime, make sure you join us for our activities this month! If you are a family being supported by Ragan’s HOPE, check out our Activities Page to find out where you can go to pick up your backpacks for school, or if you are out of one of our event areas, yours will be delivered!

We look forward to growing with you!

Happy Learning!

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