Site Updates for Ragan’s HOPE!

kids 4 kids backpack activityWe are sliding into the third quarter here for Ragan’s HOPE, and it has been an amazing year!!! We are supporting over 100 families all across the United States, and have developed a new program specifically for the children of our volunteers!!!

Take some time to learn about our Kids 4 Kids Club, and be sure to mention that as you talk to people about the Ragan’s HOPE Ministry! You can find more information here on our Kids 4 Kids club page.

Also, our prayer wall is updated, so please put a reminder in Outlook, or on your smart-phone’s calendar, to review the list on a regular basis to lift these children and their families up in prayer. Even if we are not able to give financially, and don’t have time to physically volunteer, your prayers can be the most powerful support you can offer!

Lastly, please help us with a BIG PUSH for our first annual Ragan’s HOPE Fun Run-n-Roll. Come out and enjoy the fun, even if you don’t run or roll!! There are lots of family events that will be keep you and your family entertained.

There will be more news soon!

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