So simple, so powerful, yet often forgotten

Pray for someone todayNo matter who you are, or where you are in life, you have access to a powerful source of encouragement, comfort, security, unconditional love, peace, help, guidance, salvation and hope. Because it is so simple to do, we can very easily forget to utilize it when we need it most.


It does not discriminate, it does not cost one cent, there is no pre-approval process, and no appointment is required. You simply decide to do it, and pray.

For yourself, your family, your sons and daughters, your friends, for help with work, finances, personal struggles, illness, confusion, direction in life or questions that hang overhead, just pray.

Speak, out loud or not, to your Heavenly Father, and tell Him whatever is on your mind and share your soul. You do not need to have the Lord’s Prayer memorized in order for Him to hear you. He is there, listening, to every spoken and unspoken word of your heart.

Whether it is for someone you know, or don’t, its power is just the same. Even when you feel you have nothing to give, this – a prayer – is always appropriate, appreciated and effective. It is our connection to heaven, to God, to what was and what will be. It is our link to eternity, as prayer is a vital key to growing our relationship with God.

And that, our relationship with our Creator, is the only thing we will be taking with us when we go. Prayer – if it is not a daily part of your life, it should be.

At Ragan’s HOPE, whether you pray a little, or you pray a lot, we need you. We need your help to pray for the children and families that are burdened with circumstances of life they cannot control. We have many children and families that need comfort, peace, encouragement, understanding, healing, and hope. Without ever meeting them, you can help them, and pray their needs are met.

At any time day or night, whether you are part of our prayer team or not, you can go here, to the Ragan’s HOPE Prayer Wall, and lift specific names up to God in prayer. Ask God for His divine grace to cover their lives. You don’t have to know what their specific needs are, as God already knows, and there is power as we come together and pray. We don’t know how He will answer, or what the outcome may be, but at least we do know that we are heard.

Please join us in prayer, today, and every day.

Ragan’s HOPE

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