St. Andrew’s Episcopal of McKinney

Last evening, February 6, Delena Stuart-Watson (Founder) and Lisa Alford, our Director of Family Relations, met with a young lady’s group, “Daughters of the Kind” of St. Andrews to construct and write greeting cards for children of Ragan’s HOPE Foundation. There were many questions to answer and the event was a success. The “Daughters of the Kind” group volunteer monthly to help Ragan’s HOPE with cards for our families.

Here’s what Nancy of St. Andrew’s had to say about the event… “It was great to have y’all last night. The girls really enjoyed hearing about Ragan’s Hope.I think it was great for them to hear they are making a difference in someone’s life. They were still asking questions after y’all left!”

It is always a pleasure to have outside sponsors and volunteers help us with our projects, goals and events. If you would like to become a volunteer or would like your group to become involved, please contact Lisa to schedule.

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