Summer is Here, Congratulations Graduates, and more…

Summer is here and it seems our lives get very busy with graduations, vacations, camps, and summer activities…to name a few. As we take a look at the calendar for Ragan’s HOPE it too is a busy one. We continue to gain more families to support and the awareness in the communities we are serving is increasing.

Volunteers, I know that this is a busy time for everyone, but I would like to ask that you continue to dedicate time to Ragan’s HOPE through the summer. Children don’t stop getting sick, majority of the planned surgeries are scheduled during the summer and the families need YOU…Ragan’s HOPE!!!

Donors, we thank you for our continued financial support and ask you, as well, to continue giving throughout the summer months as the needs of the families often increases.

Families, know that we are dedicated to serve and support you. We will be… (Click here to read more of the June Newsletter)

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