Taking Time to Honor Others

This has been a month of honoring those we love. Our hearts overflow with pride, endearment, honor, respect and praise for those who serve, sacrifice, and have risen above their circumstances to be who God made them to be – a bright light of inspiration to those who are in need of hope.

First, no one would be here today without mothers. Sunday, May 13th, was their day to be honored. With the help of a couple of donors, Ragan’s HOPE was able to send out over 60 Starbucks gift cards to mothers being supported through the Ragan’s HOPE ministry.

Serving others, adversity, overcoming adversity, giving back, Night of the SuperStars May 19, 2012, was also a special day of honor for two precious girls that Ragan’s HOPE has supported throughout the years.The Hilton Anatole in Dallas hosted an event called “Night of Superstars,” where Jacy and Whitney were honored.

Night of the Superstars (a new Partner of Ragan’s HOPE) is an organization that selects approximately 30 young people who have endured medical issues and in spite of that, chose to excel in areas of academics, athletics, community service and/or notable personal achievements. The committee selects those who exhibit their ability to reach far beyond their adversities.

Jacy has had 15 surgeries since birth and Whitney had both legs and arms amputated due to a virus. These special girls are part of the reason Ragan’s HOPE strives to support families who are caring for those with medical issues, so that with God’s help, the family as a whole can rise above their circumstances and be an inspiration to others who are suffering in a similar way.

Now, as we close this month of May, we honor the ones who protect our freedom to praise and worship a God who saves, who heals, and who provides hope to the weary and the broken-hearted.
Our men and women of the military – those who have lost their lives for this country, those who are serving now, and those who will join the fight in the future – are being lifted up in honor and prayer, as the war continues to wage against those who wish to see us fall as a Nation under God. For all those in our military, and especially those we know and love through Ragan’s HOPE, we appreciate you and all you do for us.

For those of you who have prayed, served, donated and supported Ragan’s HOPE in any way, we also appreciate you! Without each of you, Ragan’s HOPE would not be able to support those in need, and the numbers of those in need are growing every day. Thank you for your service, your continued financial support and for those that continue to seek donations for us!

Be on the lookout for the next post from Ragan’s HOPE, as we have some exciting news to share about how YOU can GIVE to Ragan’s HOPE, simply by flipping a switch, swiping your card at the grocery store, or by “adopting” a stuffed puppy that will be given to a child experiencing medical trauma or issues! If you have a heart to give, but don’t have the extra funds or time to do so, this will be of special interest to you.

More to come! Until then, have a safe and blessed Memorial Day!

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