Thankful for our senses!

Christmas Giving Slide

Ragan’s HOPE seems to have all the senses covered this season!

1. We are using our eyes to see the needs of our Ragan’s HOPE families, and through our volunteers, donors, and other caring souls within the Ragan’s HOPE family, we find a way to fill those needs.

2. We are using our ears in the Listen for Charity contest to help Ragan’s HOPE win a LARGE donation! If you’re not listening – there’s still time! Click here for the details!

We have also been blessed to hear both Ragan and Delena on the radio telling their story to those in Colorado, and those listening online everywhere on KLTT 670 AM Colorado Christian Radio, on the Broken and Beautiful Radio Program with Traci Rock on 11/21/13 with Ragan, and on 11/22/13 with both Delena and Ragan! Playing 3:00 pm central time LIVE, and 9:00pm central time for the replay.

3. We have blessed well over a hundred families with the wonderful aroma and delicious flavors that come with a traditional thanksgiving meal.

4. We have touched people all around the country and beyond with love, encouragement, support, generosity, and HOPE, as we Help Other Parents Endure and Embrace the holidays, as well as their future beyond.

As a ‘Thank You’ to our Ragan’s HOPE family of Volunteers, be sure you have December 12th saved on your calendar for the Ragan’s HOPE Volunteer Christmas Party! Your eVite will be coming soon, so be on the look out for that so you can RSVP to the event. We look forward to seeing you!

December is a month full of celebration, and even more thanksgiving, as we assist families all across the country with much needed items and assistance. This wouldn’t happen without you, our volunteers, supporters, donors, and prayer warriors. Thank you for everything you do!

We hope you and your family have a blessed Thanksgiving, and find many reasons in which to find joy and be thankful!

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