We Can Be Thankful

It is Thanksgiving week, the week prior to first Sunday of Advent.  Ragan’s Hope is giving thanks for many special people… for our volunteers who make distribution and contributions possible, partnerships, who help us reach many families in need and work with us in our endeavors, and families who bless us in allowing us to assist them during times of need.

We know that you, our web viewers have many things for which to be thankful, as many express on various media sites such as Facebook and Twitter.  All it really takes to be thankful is taking a look at our own individual families, looking in our fridge or closet, recognizing the little things that happen during our daily lives that are evidence of divine intervention or providence.

During this week and the upcoming year ahead, let us seek to be more aware daily of those things that are blessings and search out those  we may bless with our good deeds.

The following scripture helps to remind of things for which to be thankful…

“O give thanks unto the Lord for he is good: for his mercy endureth for ever.”  Psalm 107 KJV


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