The 2013 Volunteer Kickoff Meeting

Food, fellowship and fantastic speakers – that’s how Ragan’s HOPE kicked off this year’s first Volunteer event! If you missed it, you’re in luck. We have some raw footage for you, and it’s a great way for you to stay in the loop of what is coming this year for Ragan’s HOPE, and how YOU can be a part of the ground floor efforts as Ragan’s HOPE goes national!

We want to thank CJ Small for coming and speaking to the Ragan’s HOPE family about the Heart of a Volunteer. We know it isn’t always easy, and as soon as you have it in your mind to do something for someone else, the world throws everything at you to get you off track.

CJ gave us some great advice and shared his testimony of how we can all push through. We want to say thank you, for pushing through the sick children, the spilled coffee, bad weather, illness, and all around bad days, to help bring hope to others whose spirits were lifted because you did your part. Whether it was a delivered meal, writing a card, mowing a lawn, saying a prayer, telling someone about Ragan’s HOPE, or encouraging another volunteer, Ragan’s HOPE exists because of you! Thank you!

Please take some time to watch these videos so you’ll be aware of some new elements to the Ragan’s HOPE structure, our community awareness quest, and our goals for expansion. It truly is amazing what God can do with those who are willing!

CLICK HERE to see the Video Page for the 2013 Ragan’s HOPE Kickoff Meeting!


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