Letter from the Founder

“This organization supports parents and families who may have children with catastrophic medical illnesses, injuries or complications. We support these families through an infrastructure of volunteers, many of which have gone through similar circumstances themselves, and have been helped by Ragan’s HOPE in some way.”


When we are faced with a child that has multiple medical issues, those issues become the primary focus in our daily lives. Caring for them automatically puts us in a group that no one would choose to be in; but for those that are challenged to be a part of this group it’s often a bitter-sweet experience. Our children give us such joy, but we may suddenly find ourselves with a range of emotions and responsibilities in addition to being a parent. Many may not understand the daily events associated with this type of parenting until they have walked in the shoes of those in this group. I want to share with you how to not only survive, but to live life in such a way that people ask how we cope with the various challenges day after day. 

It is my prayer that Ragan’s HOPE will provide the support you need in addressing your child’s particular medical challenges. I hope the information relating to my own personal experience and reflections over the years while coping with my daughter’s medical issues will give you words of encouragement and help you to realize you are not alone.

Ragan’s HOPE is comprised of a stronghold of volunteers that are here to support you with your daily needs while going through your own personal struggle. Most of our volunteers are parents of children with medical issues and understand the various struggles and emotions that you are experiencing. We are honored to support you during this time.


Serving Him,