We are back from India and just in time for Easter!

Ragan and Delena in India 02-2012
In our mission to support families who have children with medical issues, we are honored to participate with the LEAP Foundation on mission trips to third-world countries to perform surgeries on children who were born with deformities, or a child who may need other types of medical and surgical care.

During our most recent trip to India in February, 2012, our partners at LEAP were able to complete 92 surgeries and we are thankful we were able to support those families during that time.

In addition to our emotional and spiritual support to these families, we also had the privilege of going to two villages and participate in a feeding program. Along with the help of our supporters and volunteers, we were able to give over 300 bags of rice and beans, as well as over 300 blankets, to families in need while we were there ministering to these villages in Inda.

We can’t fully express our gratitude for your encouragement and support as we went out to the ends of the earth to Help Other Parents Endure. So much more is needed, not only in these other countries, but also here at home.

March and April are full of opportunities for you to help. We are currently collecting items for Easter Baskets that will be given to children that have medical challenges. You can help with projects such as this by making a donation through Paypal. We thank you in advance for your continued support to this foundation.

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