What Moves You?

Today on Mother’s Day, we all have thoughts of someone we love who took a role in our life of nurturer, protector, mentor, advisor and mom. For some, that person may be sitting right next to us, or they may be looking down on us from above.

For others, someone unexpected may have taken on that role in our lives. Regardless of whether or not these figures were given to us right from the start of our lives, or sent to us at some point later, we appreciate what they have done for us, and who we are because of them. So for that, we wish you all a Happy Mother’s Day!!

As a mom, one of the things that moves me to action, is being able to spend time with my family – the WHOLE family – doing something that benefits someone else in return. I am SO excited to report to you that Ragan’s HOPE has the perfect event for the WHOLE FAMILY! We are having our 1st ANNUAL Run -n- Roll 5k and Fun Run on Saturday, October 5th. Since this is an event for EVERYONE, we will have plenty of opportunity to have fun for runners and NON-RUNNERS! 

We are also providing those of you with businesses, an great promotional package for those of you who would like to be a sponsor starting as little as $25 to have your information in the goodie bag that will go to hundreds of participants! I you are interested, or know someone who is, you can click here to download our Sponsorship Package.

To register for the 5k Run -n- Roll event, or to just find out more information, click here!

It’s time to move – register now! We can’t wait to see you there!!!

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